Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday

The top 5 things that happened at DeerPassion this week: 

1. We are starting a Junior Hunter/Huntress of the Month feature. If you want a chance to brag on your kid  or you know of some kids that spend most of their time outdoors, let me know! We want to feature them on our blog!! 

2. I learned that I'll be heading to Wisconsin Dells late in June for a little vacation, corporate retreat thing. I've never been to Wisconsin so I'm excited to see the scenery and enjoy some R&R for a few days. If there's any must-see places nearby, make sure you let me know... I want to see it all!! I can sleep when I'm dead. 

3. The discovery of the website This website has everything regarding outdoor shows in your area. It's set up to search by month or by state. Check it out! 

kids children outdoors hunting fishing family rmef bugle 4. A photo of my daughter, Emma, was on both the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Facebook page and on their twitter account for this photo of her reading the latest issue of their BUGLE magazine! My mom took this pic and she was absolutely delighted it was posted all over the internet - so big thanks to RMEF for making her day!! This photo cracks me up because BUGLE was the first hunting/outdoors magazine I started reading too... It's what made me want to write about the outdoors and share it with the world. Obviously, it helped make me into the writer I am today and I'm excited that Emma is just as attracted to it as I was... Hopefully my parents don't have to hide it from her like they did me! Ha!
5. The first order of DeerPassion shirts are shipping out! Brandi and I are so excited to have something out there that is ours and something that we can wear that portrays the mission of  DeerPassion: Hunt - Nuture - Inspire.

I'll leave you with this quote that one of my favorite bloggers, The Maine Outdoorsman, tweeted this week: 

"It's ok to plant your roots locally as long as you live globally." 

How was your week?! Make a list of the top things that happened this week... if nothing else but to re-live all the smiles you had! :)


Britney Starr said...

Regarding #2. You have to stop in Michigan on your way to Wisconsin, to see ME! :)

Cristy said...

My son is 4 and he loves being outdoors. Camping, fishing, shooting bows or guns, 4 name it he wants to do it. Would love to have him featured on your blog.